Making a Complaint

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga will thoroughly investigate any complaint about a service we have provided.

How to make a complaint

Please put your complaint in writing or complete our complaints form, which is available from our main reception or by downloading it from the link below.

 Please explain clearly:

- What the complaint is about
- Who it involves
- How you are affected
- The date and time it occured

It is important that you also provide:

- your full name, contact address and telephone number or email address

Acknowledgement and resolution of your complaint

- A manager will contact you to discuss resolkution of your written complaint
- A letter acknowledging your complaint will be sent to you within five working days
- If you complaint has already been resolves, the letter will include that outcome

Response to your complaint

- A Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga manager will inform you of the result of the investigation into your complaint within 20 working days
- This letter will include an explanantion for the decision

You are entitled to seek further help from agencies such as the Nationwide Advocacy Service or the Heatlh and Disability Commissioner if you are unhappy with our response.

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