Our Rohe

The designated area for Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga in Ngāti Kahungunu extends from the Ngaruroro River in the North, to Te Aute in the South, from Waimarama in the East to the Ruahine Ranges in the West.

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga headquarters is located at Heretaunga Park Community Centre on the corner of Omahu Road and the Hastings - Napier expressway, placing it on the doorstep to Hastings and Flaxmere, within minutes of Napier, and easily accessible to outlying areas.

Heretaunga Hauku nui
Heretaunga Ararau
Heretaunga Haaro o Te Kaahu
Heretaunga Takotoa noa

Heretaunga of life giving dew
Heretaunga of Arcadian pathways
Heretaunga, beauty of which can only be seen by the Hawk
Heretaunga that has been left to us the humble servants

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