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School Based Nursing

School Based Nursing is targeted at tamariki aged 5 to 12 years within Primary Schools.

Our School Based Nurse visits Primary Schools on a weekly basis offering free health screening checks for tamariki.

Our aims are:

To improve the health of tamariki by providing a School Based service where tamariki have easy access to a Registered Nurse

To advocate and coordinate with other agencies for whānau to ensure all services are being accessed for the health and well-being of their tamariki

"I enjoy providing a quality service because I care about the children and families I work with and love to see children be the healthiest they can be" (School Based Nurse).


A positive outcome from this service has been:

"One child was experiencing learning difficulties and displayed disruptive behaviour. After being assessed by the School Based Nurse the child was referred to a Paediatrician who diagnosed the condition and was able to commence medical treatment to improve the childs situation. This condition was not identified at earlier health checks and highlights the value of a School Based service" (School Based Nursing Staff).

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