Community Health

Community health initiatives are aimed at supporting and assisting whānau

Our kaimahi provide advocacy, information, resources and programmes to those whose lives are restricted by disability, age, tobacco smoking or illness.  The services and advice available enables whānau access to opportunities that can help to achieve an improved quality of life.

  • Aukati Kaipaipa

    Aukati Kaipaipa (AKP) is a three month stop smoking programme targeted at Māori whānau, either individually or in a group setting…Read More

  • Dental Education

    Dental education is the promotion of dental hygiene and care to whānau and tamariki in Early Childhood Centres, Kohanga Reo and decile one Kura within…Read More

  • Mobile Primary Care Nursing and Health Promotion

    The Mobile Primary Care Nursing and Health Promotion service provides a comprehensive range of community health and nursing care services.…Read More

  • Safe Environments for Whānau

    The Injury Prevention for Whānau service provides information, promotion and support around injury prevention for whānau in the Heretaunga area. …Read More

  • Kaumātua Ora

    The Kaumātua Ora programme is targeted to improve access to primary health care services within a culturally safe environment.…Read More

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