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Aukati Kaipaipa

Aukati Kaipaipa (AKP) is a three month stop smoking programme targeted at Māori whānau, either individually or in a group setting

This service offers predominantly face to face follow ups with the available use of phone and text contact if more suitable.  AKP offers the Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT - Patches, gum or lozengers)  which is optional, however studies have indicated that using the NRT combined with follow up support appointments doubles the success rate.

The AKP programme has seen more than 800 people go through the3-month quit-smoking programme during the past four years.  With the majority of those who sign up in the 35-49 age group.

Our aim is:

Encourage and support Māori smokers and their whānau, predominately 18 years and over who want to make changes to their smoking behaviour

Prevent harm to smokers and their whānau to reduce the risk to the continuity of whakapapa from continued smoking

Prevent harm to the foetus, tamariki and pakeke/Mātua non-smokers by reducing exposure to second-hand smoke

Ensure services are developed in conjunction with, and build upon, existing tobacco control initiatives

AKP Kaimahi test the levels of carbon monoxide in a client's breath at each check-up.  If the gas is present, even though they have not smoked, it is an indication that someone else is smoking around them.  This information is then used to help demonstrate how second-hand smoke can affect children and non-smoking whānau.

Feedback from this programme includes:

“From the first point of contact, I found the programme was very helpful, extremely supportive and professional. My kaimahi was caring, non-judgemental, knowledgable and had solutions/answers to my issues or questions, awesome lady!” (AKP Client)

“I felt welcomed and encouraged that I’m doing the right thing, and not to give up no matter how hard things get” (AKP Client)

“I wanted to quit smoking for my health and mokos. Phone calls, patches and lozengers all helped. The kaimahi were friendly and encouraging. I definitely needed help. My mokos say “Neat alright Nan!” (AKP Client)

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