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Dental Education

Dental education is the promotion of dental hygiene and care to whānau and tamariki in Early Childhood Centres, Kohanga Reo and decile one Kura within Heretaunga.

Getting children on to an oral-care register is a big part of the campaign to ensure children keep healthy teeth.  It's a sad fact that tooth brushing is not a high priority in many homes, so children's teeth are neglected until someone steps in and provides the knowledge.

Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga like to sign up pēpi when they're about six weeks old.  The family can then be followed up and brought in for regular dental checks and dental education.

Prevention of decay is much better than trying to repair neglected teeth.  Our Educator visits Early Childhood Centres and kura to promote the "Brush In" programme.  Some tamariki do not have a toothbrush at home, and have never used one before, so they are given one to keep at daycare or kura and taught how to use it.

What this programme can do for your Tamariki?

Provide dental education to improve the oral health of tamariki throughout Heretaunga

Encourage tamariki to enjoy brushing their own teeth each day and to encourage a regular tooth brushing habit

Referral Pathway to access this service:

Kohanga Reo
Primary School
Dental Therapist
Māori Health Provider
Self Referral

Register you tamariki with a Dental Therapist from Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga for regular check ups.

Our team is passionate about helping our tamariki to take care of their Nīho and clients have said the following;

"Changes to our school canteen have been made to provide tamariki with health choices in caring for their Nīho" (Oranga Niho Client).

"Tamariki love singing the Oranga Nīho waiata and teaching it to their whanau" (Oranga Niho Client).

"Trish has visited our Kohanga Reo several times over the last two years. Her approach to teaching our tamariki dental hygiene is one that our tamariki are comfortable with and ultimately happy to participate in" (Dental Education Client).

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