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What can NOOTR do for me and my whānau?

Our support staff focus on the sociological needs of Tangata Whaiora. Progression plans are created and implemented with the purpose of moving towards independence. NOOTR staff can provide a link with government agencies, advocate for whānau, provide respite care for tamariki/rangatahi and assist with Housing and budgetary requirements.

Our Aims are:

Community Support

Support Tangata Whaiora and their whānau in progressing towards independence

Advocate for Tangata Whaiora and provide links with external agencies

Emergency Housing

Provide short term, affordable, unsupervised accommodation for Tangata Whaiora who have been clinically assessed as having an Access 1 diagnoses

Provide stability while transitioning into long term accommodation

Respite for Tamariki/Rangatahi

To provide Tangata Whaiora and whānau with supported time out in a home environment

"Even though you may have a illness, the whole family is involved and that's what I really like" (Client).

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