Our Vision and Mission

The organisation is driven by our strategic vision and mission statements. These encourage us to always look forward and to strive for the well-being of whānau in Heretaunga.

Vision Statement

Te Haaro o te Kaahu ki Tuawhakarere
See beyond the horizon - our future

The moemoea (vision) of Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga is derived from the above whakatauaki which alludes to the view of the hawk as it flies over Heretaunga.

Our vision beyond the horizon for Māori in Heretaunga is:

Healthy and vibrant whānau who:

Have access to choice and opportunity
Are living throughout our rohe in healthy and safe environments
Feel a strong sense of identity, connection and community
Are equipped to lead prosperous and productive lives
Are proud of and enriched by their culture
Are in control of their lives

Heretaunga ararau
Heretaunga haukunui
Heretaunga haaro te Kaahu
Heretaunga takoto noa

Heretaunga of a hundred pathways (diversity)
Heretaunga of the life-giving waters (fertility)
Heretaunga - the true beauty of which can only be seen through the eyes of the hawk

This whakatauaki reminds us to maintain an expansive, holistic and forward looking view in all that we undertake.   It also reminds us of the beauty and abundance of the rich landscape and the multiple pathways, and choices that presents to all of us.

Mission Statement

Mauri ora ki te mana Māori o Heretaunga
To uplift the well-being of Heretaunga Māori

This will be achieved by developing Heretaungatanga through gathering our whānau and alliances:
Whakahuihuinga - Bringing people together
Whakapapa - Developing a sense of connection, identity, place and belonging
Whakawhanaungatanga - Actively forging our kinship bonds and connections
Turangawaewae - Developing a sense of belonging, a right to stand and be heard

That we may move together as one - Kotahitanga:
Whakahonohono - Uplifting and supporting one another
Whakanuinga - Aggregating our resources
Kotahitanga - Actively forging unity of voice, purpose and action
Whakamana - Building a profile that upholds our mana
Whakatakoto Tikanga - Planning
Whakamua/ Whakatu - Projecting ourselves forward and upwards into the future

In a manner befitting our ancestry:
Aroha - The extension of love and warmth to all
Manaakitia - The extension of hospitality, reciprocity and respect
Tautoko - Providing support
Kaitiakitanga - Custodianship
Wairuatanga - Maintaining our spiritual connections

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