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Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga is a community leader, a not-for-profit Charitable Trust, and the mandated political leadership entity for Heretaunga.  In this capacity we carry out a large and diverse range of mahi every day, from medical to environmental, from marae and community development to school attendance.  Our structures and values are kaupapa Māori.  Our purpose is to lead the advancement of all Heretaunga whānau.  Mauri Ora ki te Mana Māori – strong whānau, vibrant communities. 

Elections for Te Haaro board of trustees of Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga will commence in October 2021.  This is an opportunity for the marae of Heretaunga to put forward leaders with the time and skills for the demanding task of governing a large and increasing complex business during unprecedented times, in conjunction with the protection of its founding kaupapa, to strengthen the cultural, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the people of Heretaunga.

Te Haaro o Te Kaahu, ki Tuawhakarere – The view of the hawk beyond the horizon is our future.

Marae o Heretaunga

The 14 Heretaunga marae represented on Te Haaro Board are:

  • Houngarea
  • Kahurānaki
  • Korongatā
  • Mangaroa
  • Matahiwi
  • Mihiroa
  • Ōmahu
  • Ruahāpia
  • Rūnanga
  • Taraia
  • Te Aranga
  • Te Āwhina
  • Waipatu
  • Waimārama

Key Election Facts

-  Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga is the iwi-mandated authority for Heretaunga

-  Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga Board of Trustees, Te Haaro, is elected every three years

-  There are 14 trustee positions up for election in October

-  Candidates for Te Haaro Board of Trustees must 18 or older, and registered with NKII

-  For the purposes of this election registrations with NKII will close on 20 September

-  Candidates must meet all the legal requirements to become a Trustee

-  Each marae may elect one trustee to the board

-  Eligible voters have one vote at one marae

-  Voting will be conducted through a private ballot box at each respective marae in the event of an election being carried out

-  Nominations for the 2021 election must be lodged via post or email on or before the nomination closing date and time

-  Nomination forms must be fully completed by both the nominator and the candidate 

Chair and Deputy Chair Nominations

Nominations for Te Haaro Chair and Deputy Chair positions will come from the pool of Te Haaro trustees elected in October 2021.  If more than 1 nomination is received for each position an election process will take place in December and results announced on 23 December 2021. 

Trustee positions will be backfilled following fulfilment of Chair and Deputy Chair positions.  A by-election will take place at the respective marae if there is more than one nomination from the marae.

Election Timeline 2021

20 September 2021:      Trustee nominations open

4 October 2021:             Trustee nominations close (12 noon)

12 -28 October 2021:    Election hui held at each marae

2 November 2021:         Official election results released

12 November 2021:       Chair and Deputy Chair nominations open

19 November 2021:       Chair and Deputy Chair nominations close (12 noon)

3 December 2021:         Chair and Deputy Chair voting opens 

17 December 2021:       Chair and Deputy Chair voting closes

17-23 December 2021:  Backfill vacancies created following Chair and Deputy Chair

24 December 2021:       Declaration of results

28 January 2022:           Pōhiri for new Board of Trustees

Contact and Information

The Returning Officer for the Te Haaro Board of Trustee Election is Jennifer Hatton, or 06 871 5350, ext 7829.

For further enquiries or for any pātai that are not answered in the Te Haaro Board Elections 2021 pack please direct to the Returning Officer.

Click here to view the full Te Haaro Board Elections pack 

Click here for a Te Haaro Board Nomination Form 

06 871 5350Or contact us here.


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