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Pictured is the blessing of our Te Whare Pora building at Flaxmere ,  this is going to be an inspirational kaupapa for everyone involved in it.
Weaving/raranga has its own tikanga. So does pregnancy. They're a powerful combination.
The everyday reason for the creation of Te Whare Pora is to save the lives of babies. Sudden unexpected death of infants happens too often. It's well known that bed-sharing and other unsafe sleep practices contribute to this. but the risk can be mitigated by using separate, safe sleeping space for babies. The creation of woven bassinets, or wahakura, by expectant parents is a great way to do that.
There's also the spiritual aspect of Te Whare Pora. It will be an opportunity for hapū  women and their partners to learn about weaving as a path to personal wellbeing.
Our ultimate goal is for them to gain that wellbeing and make a wahakura for their own pepi.
The doors at Te Whare Pora will open in January.

Te Whare Pora

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