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Your Feedback is important to us. You can tell us by completing the form below, we will respond within 5 working days, using the contact details you provide.

Your Information

We ask you for your contact details (Name, Phone, Email) so we can communicate with you regarding your feedback.  Your feedback is sent directly to our Quality team, who works with the manager of the service regarding your feedback to help resolve any concerns you may have.  Your Feedback will only be shared with those directly involved with your feedback and/or resolving your complaint.

Raising your concerns with us

Have a query or complaint?

While we always try to get it right, sometimes this is not the case. If you have questions or a complaint about the service you have received, you can contact us.  We will look into your concerns and get back to you.

What should I do first?

As a first step, contact the staff member you have been dealing with and explain your concerns.  That staff member will try to resolve the matter straight away.  If they can’t, they will refer your concerns to their Service Manager to consider. You can also contact the Service Manager yourself. 

What do I do if I have a question?

If you have a query, you can contact us and we will discuss this with you.

How do I submit a complaint?

Simply compete the Feedback form below. Alternatively, you can write or email us with the details of your complaint, and we will contact you.  Please also provide a short, clear description of your concerns and what you think may be a good outcome.

Contact us:

By post: PO Box 718, Hastings 4156
By email:
Submit feedback online:

Next steps?

Firstly, we will write to you by email or post acknowledging your complaint. We will look into your complaint and contact you to work through the issue. You should expect a response from us within 4 weeks.  If we need to take longer than 4 weeks, for example, we need to get additional information or it is a detailed matter, we will let you know.

Advocacy and Support

We encourage you to seek assistance, should you feel you need this. You can contact an advocate who are there to assist you with making sure your rights are respected and help you to resolve your complaint. The Advocacy service is independent, free and confidential.

NZ Advocacy Services

Free phone: 0800 555 050

Local Hawke’s Bay Advocate

Phone: (06) 835 1640
Free Fax: 0800 2 SUPPORT (0800 2 7877678)

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the outcome?

You have the right to raise your concerns with the Health and Disability Commissioner. The Health and Disability Commissioner will ask you if you have first tried to resolve the matter with us directly, and will also consider whether you have any other remedy available. They may look into your complaint and make a recommendation to us regarding the concern you have raised.

Health & Disability Commissioner

Free phone: 0800 112 233

Please provide either an email or phone so we can respond.

Enter your feedback
06 871 5350Or contact us here.


Phone 06 8715352
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