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Introducing our first new commercial director, Waylyn Tahuri-Whaipakanga as Chair to Tātau Tātau Housing Limited Partnership (LP).

Please note that the venue has been changed for the Pōwhiri on 18 June, 2 pm. It will now be held at Taihoa Marae, 174 State Highway 2.

He ao te rangi, ka uhia, mā te huruhuru te manu ka rere ai.

Waylyn Tahuri-Whaipakanga of Ngāti Kahungunu, Tamaterangi and Ngai Tūhoe, Tamakaimoana whakapapa is currently Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kaupapa Māori Service provider, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga.

She is a proud serving member and Chair of the Hōhepa Hawke’s Bay/Wellington Board, sits on the NZ NGO Council, Chair of the Springhill Advisory Group, member of the Heretaunga Housing Strategy Governance Group, and sits on the Ngāti Kahungunu Iwi Te Wero provider board.

She has held several leadership roles in the Kaupapa Māori NGO sector, Iwi and District Health Boards. Waylyn is a member of The Institute of Directors and in addition to the above is a director of Waingākau Housing Development LTD and Hōhepa Homes Trust Board.

She has a 28-year career, leadership and executive experience in Health and Social Services that was grown straight out of Wairoa. Waylyn was born and lived in Wairoa until she was 37 but cut her teeth and career in the health industry as a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor, and Manaaki House Trustee (now Enabled), and was the second ACC Māori approved counsellor in Hawkes Bay. She continues to be actively involved in her hometown as a current Trustee of Rangiahua Marae.

Her early roles here in Wairoa also included, Kaiako for Te Kohanga Reo o Te Koraha, Manager of Delux (Mobil Garage) and as a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor for Kahungunu Executive and DHB. Waylyn also played netball for Coronets Green, worked at Woolworths (Deka) and was bought up in Outram Street before they moved to Chamberlain Ave. Eldest daughter of Eru and Noeline Tahuri (nee Chamberlain) she is proud to be of service to our whānau and community.


Tātau Tātau Housing chair appointment

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