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Pātai Mai Videos - Covid 19 

Pātai Mai is a series of videos around Covid-19. We have our professional general practitioners who answers common questions that have come in following the changes at Hauora Heretaunga. At Hauora Heretaunga, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for whānau to get the care and support that is needed. If you have any pātai please feel free to email us at 


What is in the vaccination?


Do I need ID? Do I need to bring an NHI Number? Can I show up to the vaccination clinic?


If I have any underlying issues or conditions, can I still get my Covid vaccination?


Does the Covid vaccination protect m from the Delta Variant?


Does the Covid vaccination protect m from the Delta Variant?


Why are people who are vaccinated still catching Covid-19


Can a mama who is breastfeeding receive the vaccination? Is it safe for hapū mama to get their vaccine?


Can my family of eight come along to be vaccinated in one car?


Why aren't our tamariki under 12 getting vaccinated? Will they be offered the vaccine?


Are the first and second vaccines of Pfizer exactly the same?


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